Work & Worth

What are you working for in life?

Work (n.) involves effort, and it is exercised either physically or mentally to achieve a result; it’s an action; a task. 

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We all work, in one form of another. Work is not isolated to a career or job title. Work is any form of activity. Today, let’s ponder how our work has worth and gives worth. Consider the following line of questions:

  1. What is your work?
  2. Why do you work?
  3. Who do you work for?
  4. How are you working?
  5. What are you working for?

We need to raise our awareness on these two crucial themes today: work & worth. Understand that work is a part of what you do and who you are. We all have actions, and these actions are a reflection of our work. The work you do links to your purpose in life, as each action you make is meaningful. There is worth in your work.

1. Firstly, identify what your work is. What your calling is. What do you do with your day. What activities occupy your time. Where do you invest your time and energy? This is your work. This is the work you have been given.

2. Next begin to ask yourself why you do what you do. Why do you spend your time doing some things and not others? What it your motive? How did you get into the work that you do, was it by choice or chance?

3. Then think who is the one you are working for. Who is benefiting from your actions and efforts? Who is reaping from your hard work. Is there someone above you that you work for? Is there someone below you that you serve? Is there a God of the universe that you trust in to give you work?

4. Don’t mistake how you are working with what your work is. Your work may be similar to someone else’s, but look differently. So look at how you do things. How do you work with what you’ve been given, what tasks you have. How do you manage your time? What do you do to make your work worthwhile?

5. Lastly, think big picture, and ask yourself what your are working for. Think of the result, what you achieve with your work. Is there a dream, a goal, a bigger purpose that motivates you and drives you to work? Do you sow into the Kingdom of God through your work?


These aren’t easy questions. There are many ways you may answer them. Spend some time chewing on your work. What you do is a reflection of how you think, and therefore becomes how you live. It is important that if you struggled with any of the above questions, that you stop and work on that area of your work. Ask God to reveal to you:

  1. WHAT work He wants you to do.
  2. WHY He wants you to do that work.
  3. WHERE He fits in your work.
  4. HOW you can work for Him.
  5. WHAT worth your work has in His eternal kingdom.

For work to be sustainable, it needs to be worthwhile. God is the giver of worth, and He is the giver of work. He can bring the two into harmony in your life, so that you can answer that question of what you are working for in life with intention, knowing your worth and the worth of what you do. Ask Him for wisdom as you contemplate the concept of work and worth together. Wisdom is found in His Word. Pray to Him. Read the Bible. Get to know Jesus, who took the weight of our foolish work – our sin – on his shoulders, so that we can find freedom in the work that we do and the life that we lead when we choose to fall on our knees and follow Him.

 Seek Worth. Seek Work. Seek His Word. 

To finish, just consider the images of this post. The first shows a man with his work, he carries a heavy load on his shoulders. The second, the same man is shown with his work, still carrying the load, but there is a bigger picture. The load he carries is only a small portion of the bigger Kingdom that surrounds him. This is you. This is me. This is us in God’s Kingdom. We each have our own work, our own heavy loads,  but we can all find worth in what we do when we think of the bigger picture.

Be blessed friends, find worth in your work as you fill your days with the abundance of lovely things in life! Xx

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