Light A Candle


Their flames lick the lips of darkness.
Their tears cascade into pools of wax.
Their scent wafts through the nostrils of winter.

Candles are more than just trophy items for the household.

Candles are powerful symbols.

Symbols (n.) can be referred to as material objects which represent abstract ideas, images, beliefs, actions, etc.

Therefore we can say that candles are a manifestation of something greater.

Our interpretations of what this greatness is will differ, but in this instance, lets imagine that candles symbolise people.

What are candles made of?

Wax is an organic compound: organic meaning it is derived from living matter and compound meaning it consists of several parts.

Are people made of wax?

Not literally – but we too are alive, and we have been designed with such attention to detail that we have many complex parts that come together to make our bodies function.

What is central to the candle?

The wick.
The wick is embedded into the wax and has to be quick, lively, and active in order to catch alight when in proximity to a flame.

Are wicks inside of people?

Again, not literally – but we too have a heart which is planted inside of us, a heart which can be ignited with light, love, faith, and passion amongst other beautiful things.

What does the candle do?

It provides light, heat, and historically was used to measure time.

People have the same capacity as our personalities shine through into the lives of others and the warmth of our hearts can soften spirits. As well, we reflect time in our ability to change, grow, and exist as life goes on.

Candle Quote

Now what about chandeliers?

They’re beautiful displays of light and decoratively hang in the air.

How are chandeliers relevant to the candle? 

Well in the olden days chandeliers weren’t made of fancy crystals or lamps – instead, they were an elaborate way to hold candles.

We might think of the chandelier as a symbol for humanity itself.

For, like candles in a chandelier, we all rest in our own branches of the world and together we have the ability to illuminate the darkness. However, it is true that we can be easily blown out, or even burn ourselves out, and consequentially have to rest in darkness.

Oriental-Candle-PlateSo how do we remain light fixtures rather than merely an ornament cloaked in shadows?

 Despite our different branches (read: race, gender, personality, appearances) and despite our different holdings (read: life circumstances, e.g. work, school, friendships, family, marriage)…

We are all inherently mounted to the ceiling by the same means (read: we all have a relationship to the One above who holds us together and lifts us up) We all have the ability to brighten the room (read: world) We all can glow fervently according to the wicks inserted into our cores (read: the passions, dreams and talents we nurture) & We all have the same Chandler who designed us with a purpose (read: God has fearfully and wonderfully made you)

So candles can be interpreted as more than just a candle. Are you a candle resting in darkness, or are you alive and illuminating the world for others to be drawn to the light?

To close lets come back to the title of this piece: light a candle.

Why don’t you go light a candle right now… let the spark ignite the flame inside your own heart!


Respond from the Heart