Remember winter?

Remember winter?

The fingers painted purple, the palms burning black.

The veins starved of oxygen, wind whipping through the hair; shrieking.

The sky whirling strong as ears attune to the whooshing.

The morning dew breathing.

The bike trail serpentine, winding and weaving along blue-bright coast.

The sun hiding, the day breaking.

The ocean shaking, and stilling.

The peace breaking, and holding.

Emotional cliffs dropping down to ocean’s deep.

The wheels rolling down steep slopes.

The world waking.

The salt on skin.

Remember that winter?

The coast was long and cold, the revelations warm and welcoming.

The season didn’t stop those surfers.

Black dots on blue deep.

Water washing, waves pulsing.

Sea and storm billowing the stain of summer.

Those boards, the penguins sliding; purifying in the deep.

Those blue hues meeting darkness.

That golden globe disappearing; descending.

Remember that winter?

That bike trail slipping, swerving.

Those tyres crunching gravel.

The world through textured grip.

Those fists clench stability.

Bike handles fronting the wind.

Those rolling hills steep.

White pinkies breaking through, icy tips; hold firm.

The downward rolls, bones jutting from the earth.

That graveyard on the coast, exposed to the elements.

The wind on white-washed stones.

Carved deep, the wounds.

… the waves won’t reach

… the tide won’t keep.

Remember that winter?

The memory pulls away.

White pinkies.

Icy tips.

Time frozen.


Those rolling hills fall away.

Go down, lower, faster.

What momentum is gained.

When a memory fades.

The mind wheels.

Spiral, screech.

Those brakes wrapped by white fear.

Let the handles go free.

Release those fleeting memories.

Don’t remember the winter

Don’t remember

Don’t remember

Don’t remember






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