Bushfire Blaze

the bushfire plague: are you safe (saved)?

Driving out of Ballarat
The smoke billows to the sky

Where is the fire?
Is it safe to drive?

The road weaves round and the
g o l d e n   p l a i n s
turn to
black remains

The ground a dark mass
The black pillars boasting life
Now host a bronze crust
Chips on a burnt BBQ stick

The sight is breathtaking in beauty
Against the piercing blue skies

The sun glares on the road

The fairytale scene
f a d e s
from the mystery of a dark valley
to the mortifying reality
d e a t h

A dam is in Zion
The pools of hope
The water of life
This disappears from sight when
c o n f r o n t e d
the echo 
a family dwelling
a farm faced with the force of the fire

The blame is useless
The blaze has long blown

Now there is only a man

A man moving in the rubble
Surrounded by the steel
The stubborn structures few
The vulnerability evident
The fragility of an earthly dwelling
The flattened folds of a life on a floor of soot

The spark of unpredictability swept this way

The next family
The next farm
Faced this same flame

The fires of change
The blaze of the temporary
An explosion of hope

For what in this world can help the lost and lonely cope? 

These fires are not a first
They’re not a last

These fires are a reminder of the insecure reality we see
e v e r y d a y

These fires are a warning to fight or flee
not physically
but spiritually

No investment will endure
but one
No hope will last
but one

The burns will heal

Blackened beams bear the beauty that is there
That is always there – if you believe

Believe not in what you see.
The aftermath of smoke


Believe in what is beyond the blue skies you see
Beyond that aching heart that bleeds
Beyond the sights of the physical

Setting your sights on the spiritual
To the only one who saves
To the only one who knows death
Who renders its power useless

A snuff of smoke
Against the brilliant light of life

A horizon extending from the resurrection to
r e s t o r a t i o n

That’s it.

Driving away from the black
Saying goodbye to the burn of the blaze

Facing life
New life

The hope of restoration again
Found in the one who came to give rest to your soul

There is hope for those who endure

A heart secured
in his healing
his bleeding

Note: this is a random reflection from 30.12.2015 on a road trip from Adelaide to Torquay, written while witnessing the bushfires that plagued Ballarat 

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