Attitude of Gratitude

I am so grateful to wake up with birds chirping

The leaves gently dangling

In the early morning gold

I am so thankful to have a kettle for coffee

Ingredients to break my fast

A workplace to go to

A language to speak fluently

How easy to forget these little things

The everyday provisions

The last week has been anything but

sweet memories

There has been attack after attack

Reminding me there is an enemy

I have been broken to pieces

s h a t t e r e d

s c a r e d

d o n e

The worst possible things

all accumulating

First, the rejection

Then, the sickness

3 a m

s l e e p l e s s

v o i c e l e s s

Next, why not step on a bee?

s t i n g

Cough, splutter

Then, how about transport delays?

Cough, choke

After that, more rejection

n u m b   t h o u g h ts

But it’s ok –

Your cold makes you feel crap anyway

Cough, blow

After a pause, a perceived break

Lose your voice again

Blow, blow

Just wait

Then, the phone dies

(dies dies)

(no battery life)

How about work

Interaction after interaction

The daily grind

Emotional exhaustion

Cough, contain

k e e p  f a c e

Spasms and migraines

Are you ok?

Push through

Push through


Cough until you cry

Lay on the couch awhile

Cough until you choke

b r e a t h e

Lay on the ground

s o b b i n g

Let those eyes release your soul

Buy coffee pods that don’t fit the machine

(first world problem)

Forget a friend’s birthday

Skip a meal because you feel fat

Lay on the couch

Forget to drink your tea

Ignore the future

Avoid reality

Forget the pain

Choose to numb

e s c a p e

Walk until your mind

b l a n k s


How to have an attitude of gratitude?

How not to complain

How not to collapse

Should I hide this pain?

Should I force a smile?

I am done

So done

I can’t take anything more

These fevers

These tablets

They’re shaking me

They’re breaking me

The sleepless nights

The lack of light


Turn my despair into prayer

my heart to hope

my worse to verse

my pain to praise

Help me to give thanks

in all things

at all times

Even the tough and the rough

Even in the mess and

when i’ve








Lord you are faithful in these things

I know you will be faithful in the larger things

(At least, they seem larger to me)

I do not know where I will go

What lies before me


Father you know my fears

And more

You know my needs

You know better than I do what I need

And when I need it

I trust you will prepare a place for me

I ask that you will provide me with the chance to grow in the giftings you have given me

That I will be able to bring you glory

And work for a cause that has eternal weighting

Help me to live each day in thanks

Let my heart posture be one aligned with your grace

I realise the only way to have an attitude of gratitude

Is to shift the focus from created to Creator

To turn from circumstance to Christ

To fix my eyes above

To not let these earthly concerns, authorities, pressures, follies, failures, pains, disruptions, ailments

Steal my gaze from the heavenly riches

The treasure of knowing the light of the gospel and glory of God in the face of Christ (2 Cor. 4)

Respond from the Heart