Abundance of Sadness

I’d like to introduce you to the gorgeous heart behind “Words with Purpose”. On her blog she writes: “When people read our words of purpose, they are inspired to make a difference themselves, no matter how small it may seem.” I asked to share our recent conversation, as it brought up some real talk on the abundance of sadness in this world that contrasts the abundance of lovely. There is not always a place for optimism and idealism, but regardless, we must never lose hope. (Note: her words are in bold)

I have so many questions about India.

But my biggest one is, how do you see so much need and continue on?

What a question!! Similar I suppose to the call as a Christian. There will always be need. And it is never closing off or hardening our hearts to that call. Always being open, challenging what we see, hear, how we think, speak, act. Rather than feeling discouraged, I left feeling empowered to continue championing for change.

Can I be honest with you?


When I hear stories about the refugees fleeing Myanmar it makes me so sad. When I hear about the children dying in Asia floods it makes me sad. When I heard about Connie dying it made me sad. When I turn on the news I see an abundance of sadness. My heart is full of the cries of the people from all around the world. It is an ever-pouring bottle of tears that aren’t even my own.

Like I want to stop the people who send their coffees back because they’re not good enough and tell them about the children who are being trafficked after their parents died in Myanmar. I want to tell people who are walking down the street when they say it’s a good morning that this morning, 20 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. I am really struggling on the inside, with this empathy.

I feel an abundance of sadness for people and I feel extremely guilty that I’m not doing enough.

There is so much grief and sorrow in this world. So much brokenness and pain. So much that is wrong and evil. But we must never lose hope. Never lose passion. Never lose our love. Never lose faith. That’s why all I can do at times is pray. Ask God why. Ask him to restore his people, his world.

I feel like when I go to India that I won’t come home. How could I?

I didn’t want to come home. I realised there is more need here than there though. It looks so different.

God will use you wherever you are. If you are able and willing there are no limits.

I’m willing to be taken whenever I need. But I need to start my career aha

If he says go, go!

It’s go time!

Is the world telling you to start a career. Or are you.

Everything is. I just want to follow my passion.

What are you passionate about?

I’m really passionate about disaster relief and preparedness.

Sounds like something India needs.

I’m happy to go wherever God calls me. But I just want to help.

He will honour that desire of your heart! Such a beautiful desire too.

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