Puddle of Perspective

It’s hard to have perspective when you’re in the midst of something big. Or even if it’s something small. Our situation can suffocate us. We can struggle to see clearly, or even to breathe. Anything that enters our space (our thoughts, heart, etc.) is limited to survival.

We think of the here and now.
We don’t position ourselves to be able to last the long-haul.
But we need to.

We need to fathom the extension, the continuation, of our situation. We need to learn to grow, to manoeuvre, and to overcome, so that we can be resilient and ready for what comes next. There is still something so much bigger ahead. Something we can’t fathom, and that means we tend to ignore it.

Blue-View // Abundance of Lovely

It can be too much to stand back and appreciate the bigger picture. Worst-case scenarios cross our minds.

We don’t like to dawdle down the dreamy passage of best-case scenarios, because that can result in disappointment.

Yet when we begin to delve into this puddle of perspective, we enter a discovery of clarity.
You see, perspective is clarity.

It’s having a refined view. Our views are refined based on our experiences. As we all have different experiences in life, our perspectives will differ. Yet no matter our experiences:

Perspective is about being in a place of peace.
This place is the middle-ground.

• The puddle •

The puddle we try to jump over.

We are on one side of our situation, and automatically we want to get to the other-side. We take calculated risks to get there. Always looking up and over. Why not look down?

Look at the puddle.
Look into the puddle.

See the reflection… See yourself.

Are you ok?
Are you settled?
Or is the water stirred?

• Wait •

Watch the puddle.
Find your footing in the puddle.
Find perspective. Find yourself.

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Find. Be willing to find.
Fear. Be quick to cast aside fear.
Faith. Be willing to embark on a journey of faith.
Fathom. Be ready to flourish wherever you are, and to fathom a wise and godly perspective on your situation.

Friends, may you find perspective that will keep you in perfect peace with our Father in heaven, xx

One thought on “Puddle of Perspective

  1. You are a very talented writer! Greatly encouraged by this post – how easy it is to always be focused on the future, to look beyond the present for satisfaction, rather than practicing being in the present – or as you write, “find your footing in the puddle”, and seek GODLY wisdom in the here and now. Thankyou for sharing sister! x

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