Redemptive Whisper

In the dry places, i hear the crack of the earth cry out

the depths of joy is there, in the desire for filling

as i walk, i see crocus blooming; a light purple, a redeeming spot of colour

this is the colour of my King

He wears robes of white, righteousness His shield;

and He reigns with a regal purple around His waist

the crocus knows His crown

those thorns have known the ground

as all creation bows down

a chorus of worship

all see the splendour of the King, in His sovereignty

the cries and mourning become songs of glory

In the dry places, the bones are raised

life from death, joy from sorrow

but in the dry places, when we cannot hear:

sometimes we cannot bring ourselves to worship

in the silent reverence is his redemptive whisper

from beginning to end, he is working for Good

“be strong, do not fear,
for your God will care,
he will come with vengeance;
with divine retribution
he will come to save you”

as all creation waits with a groaning for future glory

there is an aching in this present suffering

and there:

He whispers


to the hopeless, barren land

He turns the silence and sighing into splendour

in the desire for filling, waters start spilling

In the dry places, streams gush forth in the wilderness

by His grace, He transforms our desert places

let it be seen from afar:

the works of His hands are Good

all He has made returns, rejoicing

the salvation of the King is a banner

let it be seen from afar

the One who reigns restores

as i hear creation’s chorus, sighs turn to a symphony

a highway stretches before me

the dry earth is covered by the Way of Holiness

oh how beautiful are the feet of the One:
who walks by his Word
who ushers forward a song of praise
who spreads the news of grace

the tune echoes through the wilderness;

as deers leap with the injured, and lions sleep with children

all over the earth, i see it now, a crown of splendour

everlasting joy anointing the heads of those who choose
to bow before the King
to walk by His Holy Way


rises to the One who reigns

the dry places are overcome with the fullness of joy

Isaiah 35
The Canadian Journal Edition

Respond from the Heart