Awaken Me

Let me not be one of the ones who knows Jesus as my Saviour

But not as my Lord

Let me not be one of the ones who knows Jesus as Lord

But fails to give him permission to rule 

Who am I to think I have any authority over my life

No self-confidence or autonomy provides assurance for the soul

Lord enthrone my heart

You are the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords

The Author of salvation 

The Ruler of all created

Let your glory reign

Destroy the idols and obsessions in my life that steal from the glory, honour, power and dominion that is rightly yours 

Let me not set up things, unless they are known by by you

Let me not make idols for my own destruction

Let me not build my own house and labour in vain

Lord into your mighty hand I surrender the sins that cling so tight

I thank you that in Christ you have broken the chains of sin and death

By your power enable me to flee from the flesh and walk by your Spirit

By your might break the influence of every stronghold in my life

May Christ be in my waking and sleeping, my speaking and thinking

Keep me in Christ

Thank you for the blood of your Son

For all that you have done

Lead me in your way

Your mighty way 

Let me not be a craftsman unless it is for your sake

You are the ultimate Craftsman

Master, craft me

You are my maker and sustainer

Show me your ways more and more each day

Let anything I make be broken to pieces for you to have your way

Restore that which you deem good and right

Ruin that which you deem evil and false

Who am I

That you take notice of me?

Who am I but

c l a y

d u s t

Yet you are the

G r e a t   P o t t e r

Who am I to claim condemnation and criticism of your work?

Your judgement is pure and true 

You are good and gracious 

You are just and sure

You are worthy of all praise

Lord enthrone my heart

May my cravings be satisfied in you

My longings fulfilled in the glory of Christ 

Meet me in my hour of need

Awaken me to see your grace

Convict me of my place

Respond from the Heart