Wrapped In Wonder

the one who set the galaxies in their place

is the one who sets his spirit in our hearts

the God who spoke light into existence

“let light shine out of darkness”

is the very one who sets our hearts ablaze

to shed light on the knowledge of God’s glory

revealed in the face of Jesus Christ

{ 2 corinthians 4:6 }

here i am

wrapped in wonder

humbled by the heavens

and mary’s words come to mind

her hearts cry

when in her womb she finds

l i f e

“how will this be

since i am a virgin?”

the angel answered

“the holy spirit will come upon you

the power of the most high will overshadow you

the child to be born will be called holy

the son of god”

{ luke 1:34-5 }

how unfathomable

that the god of the angel armies

appointed this child

for the fall and rising of many in Israel

for a sign that is opposed

(as a sword will pierce

through your own soul)

so the thoughts from many hearts

may be revealed

{ luke 2:34-5 }

and mary

in this place

turns her face

who is larger?

who is wiser?

who goes further than her fear?

who goes deeper despite our measure of faith?

“my soul magnifies the Lord”

mary sets her gaze

on the one whose size isn’t limited to sight



as my eyes

leak in the light

i wonder

where is joy when the unknown wraps darkness like a cloak?

where is hope when the stars are a reminder of gunfire?

“my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour”


mary found joy in the name above all names

the one who is above all

“for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant.”

{ luke 1:46-8 }


will you gaze with me at the galaxies

and dare to believe

all he sees

the alpha

and omega

will you dare to believe

as he calls deep

in this hour

in this heart


it’s so dark

i’m overcharged

racing round

fleeting ground

trying to hold

my fort here


your tent is the heavens

and you are within

you reside in the ones

who know you are King

take the throne of my heart

and reign in me

dwell within

while your power works

and wins

as you conquer the dark

and you overcome the world

as you call to take heart

and to glory embark

this is hope

this is joy

this is eternal life in orbit

you are real

you are here

inside me

as i sit

and peer

at your galaxies

it was not mere chemistry

or biology

that brought me here

you’re the overseer

you’re the pioneer

the creator

and redeemer

of my soul

my all in all

Respond from the Heart