The ‘Balanced Life’ ?

Some days the sky makes life meaningless and dim, threatening to dampen your spirits. Yet the very next day you may find the sun gleaming past barriers of depression, bringing light to your circumstances and hope for the future.

Change comes with the passing seasons, and even as the hours tick by: life alters. We may all yearn to bask in the goodness of life; setting ourselves goals to maintain the happiness, success, and ideal bodies we feel a ‘good life’ contains.

We are deflated when our aspirations are short of achievement.

In our society we measure ourselves against what the media tells us we should be: balanced. We can’t let our emotions waver, our relationships hit a rough patch, our expectations result in disappointment, our body weight fluctuate, or our efforts equal failure. We pressure ourselves to be balanced, when we live in an unbalanced society.

There is a preconceived notion that happiness only occurs when our lives are stable. Someone who can manage the comings and goings of life is surely content in their circumstances. Why wouldn’t they be, when alternatively they could drown in misery and spiral out of control? It may seem like balanced equals happy, unbalanced being a no-go zone if we want to be ‘desirable’ in the eyes of society.

It is normal to compare and judge each other according to circumstances, success, or appearance. When someone seems to have it all together – a balanced life, beautiful body, and steady success – we feel like we are missing out. Not measuring up, not being good enough… it’s like being stuck in the middle of a desert, while in the meantime someone else basks in the glory of life on an exotic island.

Desert Aisle & Mushroom Fairytale

Life certainly doesn’t always seem fair… and by no means is it a smooth ride.

The reality is:
The ‘balanced life’ does not exist.

However, what does exist is the ability to choose. There is a choice within each and every one of us to filter through life’s burdens and destruction, and dwell on the points of beauty around us.

Today, make the choice to pursue the Abundance of Lovely things that make YOU feel a smile is weightless.

Respond from the Heart