Do you know how it feels to be encouraged?

…A smile
…A compliment
…A career promotion
…A deep and meaningful conversation

It feels good, doesn’t it? You feel warm and fuzzy inside-like fireflies dancing in an aromatic field of green tea… a firework display from the Creator.How about when you encourage someone else?Do you feel that same rush of positive energy and enthusiasm for life?

… what about their surprise when you unexpectedly compliment them?
… or the twinkle in an individuals eye when you take a moment to notice and care about them?
… or even imagine if you were able to heal a broken soul and soothe a fragile self-esteem?

The reality is that it’s one thing to be encouraged, but another to have the ability to encourage others. Encouragement can be handed to you on a silver platter, but it’s a completely different notion to think about others before yourself, and to be able to show them the silver lining in their own life.How many people do you know – yourself included – who have the natural tendency to see someone’s strengths, and know how to emphasise them?We live in a world where we are told to be STRONG, COURAGEOUS, and to take things in our stride, to push forward.

Petals in NatureDid you ever notice the word courage placed strategically inside enCOURAGE?

Courage (n.) is defined as the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

Unfortunately, like money and success, we can’t grow courage on trees for easy access when we need to face a hard situation. Courage is something that evolves within an individual, a quality of mind. This is a quality that YOU can bring out in people… if you make the conscious decision to highlight the qualities that already mold them into the masterpiece they are.Do you want to allow others to experience the firefly-twinkling in their hearts that you feel when they encourage you?

It’s really quite simple: 

 An encourager (v.) is defined as someone who imparts courage, inspiration, and resolution to an individual (or individuals) by giving support, confidence, or hope. 

Just remember – we are all on the same journey.

My challenge for you: Look at your own life, and the people in it, and pick a rhythm for the fireflies to dance to ( in other words… 
harmonise encouragement into your daily schedule!). You are created for more than the base melody. You have the ability to string courage onto the violin of your heart, and to create a symphony with those around you. I believe in you!

Respond from the Heart