Purpose: Beginnings

this word is a trigger

What is the purpose of life?
Or more specific:

What is the purpose of seasons changing?

What is the purpose of love if it can be lost or broken?

What is the purpose of money if you can’t buy happiness?

What is Gods purpose in a world of injustice, poverty, war and corruption?


Or more direct:

What is the purpose of this blog   –  Abundance of Lovely ?

Let me outline the purpose of this blog.

I’ve decided to establish this space so we can contemplate life together.

Life is beautiful. Life is a mystery. Life is hard. Life is purposeful.

The definition of PURPOSE (n.):

The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

Is there a reason to life then?

…a reason why we were placed on this earth?

…a reason we were created with a questioning heart and a desire to be loved?

…a reason for existence?


I want you to stick around to journey with me and discover the answer to these questions yourselves.

Lets enjoy life from all its various aspects.

Lets embrace the lovely, appreciate the scars and beauty,

and orientate ourselves around doing life with a greater purpose in mind.

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