Do Idols Make You Idle?

Have you ever idolised something or someone before?

Perhaps the latest craze (a new movie, flavour of ice-cream, fashion trend). Or someone you admire (an attractive actor or actress, famous sports star, inspiring influence in your life). Or maybe an obsession (with books, popularity, success, money).

As human beings, we have been wired as desire-infused creatures who seek and yearn things to satisfy our soul. We love to chase down the latest craze, have people or products to admire, and find new obsessions that can fill our time.

These are the things which make us excited, which make life worth living….



We get fooled into thinking so.

We are obsessive. We are pursuers of happiness. We are idolators (now don’t go mistaking me for adulterers here….). We love to worship the things we achieve, and the things we think are amazing, and the people we want to be like.

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Why is it so wrong to indulge ourselves in idolatry?

If it is something that we can admire, or someone we can aspire to be like, why is it so ‘sinful’?

Idolatry (n.) is defined as an extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone; the worship of an idol.

You might like to observe what ‘idols’ you may have, and why.

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Do you look to a celebrity because you wish you had their fashion sense, hair style, personality, or just appearance in general?

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Do you buy detox teas, low-calorie foods (or for the men: bulking powders, workout gear, gym memberships, so you can change your body?

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Do you follow people who are doing extraordinary things because they motivate you to do the extraordinary too?

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Are there some things or some people that you just couldn’t live without?

Now did you answer “yes” to any of the above?

Well congratulations: you’re human.

It’s human nature to get obsessed, and to want to worship something.

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But…. do you feel happy?

Or does your mind continually race and pick on you:

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Do you constantly turnover the things that you could’ve done differently?-

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Do you pick out all the flaws in your character – your body, face, hair, laugh, clothing, etc. etc.?

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Do you need people to affirm you, give you reassurance and comfort, so that your insecurities aren’t all-consuming?

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Do you feel like you need to change your body because you want to change your body, or because you see an image of a body that is different form yours and you think that that body epitomises happiness, perfection, and something better?

Gina Norman gives us a pearl of revelation:

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Dwell on this. Toss it back and forth in your mind as you also bring to mind some ‘idols’ in your life.

We think that having idols can be a source of inspiration, happiness, and encouragement… something that reflects our likes and dislikes, our personalities.

But what if they are only holding us back from more?

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You might wonder, what is that passion? How can you know what it is?

It might not be clear. But perhaps if you slowly let go of the idols. Strip bare your life. You will find yourself not empty or lost. But instead in a place where you can truly find yourself.

How can you find who you are if you are focusing on other things, on other people?

Now of course there are light and dark obsessions, so not all of your desires are going to inhibit you from being who you are. But let’s challenge whether idols make us idle.

Idle (adj.) refers to inaction, the absence of significant activity; something without purpose or effect; something pointless and without effect.

Are you stumbling along, mistaken that some of the ideals you have in life are doing you good and not robbing you of SIGNIFICANCE? What of that significant dream planted in your heart that is inactive and hasn’t yet had effect in your life?

May you challenge your inmost being. 
May you stir the desires in your heart. 
May your find that significance. 
May you activate that dream. 
May you not let your idols make you idle.

{Disclaimer: I am introducing a new segment at the end of my posts – see below. These are faith-orientated. For you to dismiss, or to delve into. May you come as you are. Christian, non-Christian. May you read as much or as little as you want. I pray that either way, you will leave stirred. I am deliberately thought provoking. I know this may be hard to chew. So may you be nourished to the extent that you feel comfortable.}

Faith Foundations | Abundance of Lovely

For some prayerful wisdom in building your faith alongside your passions and dreams, turn to some of the following verses.

Exodus 20: 2-3 \\

God doesn’t want you to be a slave to your idols. He wants to set you free, to bring you from the house of slavery into His house, where you can get to know His character. When you get to know more of His character, then you will learn more about your own identity, purpose, and worth.

Exodus 20:4-5 \\

God is jealous for you. He loves you dearly. He doesn’t want you to obsess over the things that take you away from Him, and take you away from the passions He has place inside of you.

Ecclesiastes 2:26 \\

God will bless you. He will fill you. That desire for happiness? He will give it to you.

Acts 2:28 \\

God knows. He knows your desire. He knows your path in life. When you allow His presence to fill you, you will find fulfilment. You will find that joy in Him.

Phillipians 4:6-7 \\

God wants you to be at peace. He wants you to be assured in your character. He doesn’t want for your mind to race, or fears and obsessions to haunt you. He wants to guard you from these things. He doesn’t want you to let your emotions consume you, but for you to let Him consume you so that he can stir your life into SIGNIFICANCE.

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