Daughter of Light

{ daughter of light }

why do you hide in the shadows?
come out, child!
why do you fear the darkness?
come out child!
the unknown is not your home, 
remember the known,
the seeds of love that have been sown.
there is one of glory –
who calls you home.
there is one of righteousness –
who is seated on the throne.
he calls you “grace”
he says “seek my face” 
he longs for you to –
believe in the light 
where darkness was slain
and be saved
that you might become –
sons of light,
daughters of light, 
children of delight!

 The light threatens to expose, while the darkness beckons. The question is, which will we choose? If we choose grey, we stay in the shade, where we think it’s safe. Though there’s fear in this place. Will the darkness stay? Will the light break?

{ blind spots }

It is dusk. You’re on the beach. The last light leaks through as the darkness slowly creeps.

What do you see? 

I see the darkness we forget to face. I see those empty parts, the places deep in our hearts, from our past, which we choose to bury. I see the shadowy sand that holds those buried parts, and I see how we forget that shadows are where darkness and light dance.

See, we forget that shadows are a temporary darkness, a blind spot.

See, there can be these barriers to light, and they can form a blanket of darkness.

But see, there is hope for change.

I see the shadowy space, and in the dance of light and dark I see the movement of grace. I see the clarity of Christ in both the sunset blaze and the shadowy haze. 

What do you see?

I see hope for you.
I see hope for me.

I see we need hope.

WE need hope.
We HAVE hope.

Hope is here to stay, whether it’s night or day. I pray that as you see both the shadows and the sun and that you’ll remember: Love has already won, Christ has come and is coming, hope is here and is near. The true light.


Dear daughter of light, in whom the Heavenly Father delights, know that you are loved and seen – know that you have an intimate relationship that is for eternity. Your beauty is skin-deep, your heart is riveting. Allow the Lord to lift the layers you fold underneath the seen, allow the Beloved Son to break the chains that have held you from the Almighty’s throne. Find yourself at his feet, a broken mess, and allow his mercy to make new, to lift you into his beauty. In the searching and the yearning, he is your home. “Abide”. He calls you to rest, to remain, to never be the same – to find healing in His name. Allow his truth to set you free, as you claim a new identity. In Christ you are redeemed. In Christ your hope is not for beauty that is seen, but for the mystery, the mercy, the knowledge of the Lord that is your unseen sword of beauty, majesty, and glory. 

To finish, dwell on this excerpt from ‘‘Captivating’ by Stasi Eldredge:


  • You speak to the world of God’s mercy, mystery, beauty and his desire for intimate relationship. 
  • You are inviting; You can risk being vulnerable… You are safe in God’s love.
  • You labour with God to bring forth life – in creativity, in work, in others.
  • Your aching, awakened heart leads you to the feet of Jesus, where you wait on him and wait for him.
  • The eyes of his heart are ever upon you.
  • The King is captivated by your beauty.

Respond from the Heart