tonight // 23.11.19

he asked me,
to write him a poem
but not with ink.
he asked me,
to speak
so i asked him,
for a theme

and this is what
i started saying:

there is a question
other times,
there is darkness
but tonight,
there is a corner

in the corner,
there is a window
but you can’t see
what is out there

there is possibility
of hope, of vision

but for now,
there is no light

so you leave,
you walk away
from the corner
and the window
and you enter
the darkness

as you walk
in the night,
you find a door
but it is locked

you need a key

but there is no
answer to your question
no way to unlock
the light within

so you knock

my breath is deep
my voice is heavy
and there is air
hanging between
you and me
as you wrap your
arms around me

‘i don’t know what to say,
you were really taking me
on a journey there … but,
is that how you feel,
…  … about tonight?’

tonight was the theme he gave me

i smile and sit in the heaviness
the weight on his arm
the warmth of his shoulder

‘that is how i felt before
i came through that door’

we both stare into the night
the door before our eyes

‘okay, so how about after
you came through the door’

i smile again, breathe deep again
i have to enter back into that place
moving past the fear of what to say
and i realise,
as i exhale,
that writing is about expressing,
not predicting
so i just start speaking
not knowing the ending
hoping the poetry is inside of me.

you’re standing at a door
and on the other side
you don’t find the answers
to your questions
but you discover
that light has many forms
it can be liquid, or solid
it can be lyrics, or laughter
it can be seen, or felt, or heard

it can even come in human form

and maybe the human form
can show you that there is hope
even in the darkness

and maybe the key is to see
the light in everything
because light has many forms

Respond from the Heart