the art of repentance


i said no

i stood up to temptation

i looked it in the face

i said no

i choose different

i laid down my desire

because my desire

was weighing me down


wrongdoing leads to worry

and worry is weighty


there is something enticing about sin

it promises a weightlessness

as though it is a carefree choice

without consequence

but this is a lie

the bible is very clear:

“desire when it has conceived
gives birth to sin,
and sin when it is fully grown
brings forth death.”

(james 1:15)

so we cannot let sin win

we have a choice

we can say no

so i said no

we can repent

so i chose


i looked my temptation in the face

i looked my sin in face


i said no

i chose so

our choices are ours

temptation cannot take

without our consent, our yes


sin cannot win

without us giving in

so i guess today is just an update

to say i’m learning the art of repentance

i may not be in a place where i want to say no

but i am choosing to say no

i am turning away

i may have forgotten many things

but i am going to commit to the pursuit

we choose our chase

are we chasing our desires

or are we tracing the face of Love?

this pursuit is a hard and holy pursuit

of surrender and submission

it is the starvation of want

to cultivate a hunger for Love

so i am committing to

the art of repenting

it is no one time thing

it is a forever thing

but in the here and now

it means changing a few things

it means turning away and turning down some things

it means accountability and community

but most of all

it means freedom

freedom from temptation

freedom from sin

and ultimately:

deliverance into a new Desire

end note;

grandma wrote in her letter that she hasn’t seen any “abundance of lovely” posts for ages, and this is true. it has been a wild time, but mostly the silence has been due to the fact it took almost two months for us to get internet in my new abode. so here’s to continuing to share in the middle of the messy in the hope and prayer that someone else needs to hear it xx

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