(dreams and anomalies)


(dreams and anomalies)

I passed you

multiple times

we miss each other


despite this divide

I wonder

I ponder

is this a crime?

why do you come to mind?

who are you?

why do I feel like I know you

when I haven’t even spoken to you

i’m trying to understand these feelings

they’re inside

they climb like a vine

should I confine?

how do I define?

this vine spreads

it’s infectious


these leaves are a lesson

releasing a fragrance

do I allow these desires to blossom

or do I bury them in the dirt

cover them up until it’s harvest-time


I wrestle with this vine of mine

my desires

the thorn of my flesh


I wonder

I ponder

is this all on one side?

what is on your side?

do you see me?

do you sense me?


you were in my dream

and you knew me


I was crying

I was empty

I was a mess

standing over death

a vacant body

and you held me

you comforted me

there were others around me

many surrounding

but there was only you 

you were God-sent

a miracle to me

providing hope in a cave

in a dark dark place

when all those other faces were blank

you wrapped me

God’s love in motion

a tangible trace of his grace

not replacing

but reframing

reminding me of His way

that death has no say


you brought me to the safety of his fortress

the fount of my salvation

where my faith flows

where the Spirit speaks

there was hope


in my heartbeat

my true hope

my cornerstone

Christ alone


I am amazed


this is grace

unrelenting love

reaching deep

even to the subconscious realms

the unprocessed dreams


while I still do not know you

this distance is ok

God works in mysterious ways

and maybe he is using you

your foreignness

your form

to reveal resurrection

sharpening my understanding of the life in the limbs

not the way of the wind

but the Spirit that comes to the bones

the work of God

in man and through man

the life he has raised and will raise

his upwards call


you may not be more than a name

a face

but I see in you God’s grace

the servanthood

the sacrifice

the strength

the song of the heart


there is a music to you

you do not know me

but my prayer is for His glory

as I reflect on why you come to mind

all I know

is he is the true vine

so we are entwined

we are the body of Christ

and I am spurred

to faith and good deeds


because you’ve embodied God’s love to me

through your actions

through your speech

so the vine spreads

and this vine i will follow

not my weeds

not my will

not my desires

I can’t plant a vineyard in my name

for in this season I see

these leaves are a lesson

and as the wind blows over

a fragrance remains

this is the aroma of Christ

for to live is Christ, to die is gain

so death no longer gets to claim that dark place

where there is futile fear, from dreams I cannot escape


I choose to stand in faith

proclaiming Jesus’ name

the only name by which we can be saved

Respond from the Heart