Lose the ‘Self’

Warning: Crossed paths with cynicism

Apologies for the opinion, sass, bias

Subjectivity is oozing from the screen

Assuming, of course

This is being read on a screen

Do you look at the screen for what it is anymore?

A thin, transparent surface?

Do you see the deceptive nature of this screen –

Telling you to look, see,

Glance into your identity, your intellect, our humanity?

Do you see that the screen fails to mirror reality?

The screen is a portal, a one-way street.

Looking in, what looks out does not define you.

The screen is not a mirror of your identity.

The screen is a shield, a shame.

We hide behind the screen, when our hearts are a far better measure.

The screen is someone we fear, yet we don’t even know it.

We look through the screen, because we fear that if we don’t, we won’t be seen.

That we will slip between the lines of real reality.

When, truly, it is the other way around.

Those who submit to the screen are the ones who sell their souls to a surface-based identity.

Ah the self.

The screen tempts you to tailor your self, to tell of your self, to express your self.

The cultural trend towards this self

… self-empowerment

… self-education

… self-guided tours

… self, self, sell the self, tailor the self

Maybe to lose the self we need to lose the screen?

To enter into true community?

The place where self becomes second and the core is the community.

No more of this destructive individualism.

Our worth as humans used to be defined as our role in society, our place in a community.

Yet now we have disparate communities, fragmented roles, and as a result – identities that are flimsy, fake, and not truly who we can be.

It’s not about who you make yourself to be.

No, that’s a misbelief.

I wonder if we started on a different journey.

One that asks who made you not who are you.

Maybe we don’t need to lose the screen to lose the self.

Maybe we can use the screen to reflect God’s glory.

Maybe when we focus the attention on God we find our true identity.

Will you join this  journey?

One that asks who made you, who saved you, who is greater than you?

If you focus on maintaining an image

You fail to see the one in whose image you are made

You create a self-brand

Construct a persona of perfection

Portray consistency and authenticity


Would it be true to reality?

Do you project a fantasy

Or reflect a greater glory


Respond from the Heart