Crafting Your Character

 How would you describe your own character to a stranger?

Would someone who knows you describe you the same way?

 You see, in our minds we have an image of the ‘desirable character’ we want to be. This image is the amalgamation of what we like about others and want to see in ourselves, what we think others will be attracted to, and what we see broadcasted in music, movies, books, etc. as strong character qualities and appealing traits. So today let’s consider what a ‘desirable character’ might be.

 What we see as a ‘desirable character’ depends on whose desires and what desires we consider a priority:

  • Do you care what other people think, and want to satisfy their desires?

  • Do you just want to be satisfied in yourself, fulfilling your own desires, without a care for how others will perceive you?

  • Would you rather set aside all desires of the flesh and look to what your Creator desires for you?

    Reflect on where your priorities are at the moment. Where do you want your priorities to be? Is your priority in people, yourself, or in who God has made you to be?

 Align your priorities to align your desires 

We have all been crafted with desirable characteristics from the Creator: but we can get stuck WANTING to be an unrealistic version of ourselves rather than LIVING out the desirableness we have been designed with. Character (n.) is the mental and moral qualities that distinguish you from others; your interesting qualities; the strength and originality of your nature; your reputation. 

Your character is crafted on the characteristics that you display – both inwardly and outwardly. You have already been crafted with characteristics which make you uniquely you. God, the master Craftsman, designed you with a desirable combination of qualities. You are made in His image – and it only takes one look around the marvellous creation He has made to know that anything formed from His hand is appealing (Yes, that’s right, you are appealing, attractive, and desirable!). So don’t go desiring to be anything other than who you are, because who you are is where you will find the most desirable version of yourself. Turn your inner calling to love and serve into a part of who you are. You will then reflect hope, light, truth, and grace to others, and this will make you more desirable! Also – don’t just THINK about crafting your character into a more desirable version of yourself – LIVE it.

If you want to truly carve out your character, as the Creator made you to be, then you need to identify what desires are of the flesh versus the Spirit. If your desires align with the desires God has for you in his Word, then bury yourself in that. However, you might need to pray about what desires are from the world, the media, and the wrong sources, and ask God to help you discard them and replace them with desires which will in the long term make YOU more desirable.

Ultimately friends, to be a ‘desirable character’ we need to look to God’s character. God reveals His character to us through His Word. When we craft our characteristics around His characteristics, we will find ourselves living out our purpose. And a purpose-filled life is a desirable life (that’s for sure!).

Magnify God, magnify His qualities, and others will see desirable qualities in you.

Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Respond from the Heart