Words are Weapons

Words are weapons. Spoken. Written. Shouts. Whispers.

They slip from the lips. They etch into our minds. They echo our hearts.

Weapon (n.) is a ‘thing’ designed to inflict harm or damage; a means of gaining advantage; or a defence mechanism.

Weapons can be constructive, or destructive, and it is the bearer of the weapon who chooses it’s effect.

  1. A weapon can stab. Wound. Leave scars.
  2. Yet, a weapon can also strengthen. Empower. Give status.

Take a moment to ponder how your words can be a constructive tool to encourage others.

As you bear the weapon of words in this battlefield we call life, consider:
Are your words building others up? Are you helping others to find their purpose in life (their identity in Christ)? 

Compare the following. What effect do you want to have?





 Let’s move from this notion of words as weapons as a bad thing.

Weapons have a USER, a FUNCTION and a TARGET. Similarly, words are USED by us, to serve a FUNCTION we intend, to reach a TARGET we choose.

This is how we might approach a new notion of words as weapons:

  1. We might challenge how we use our words daily.
  2. We might contemplate the purpose, the function, of the words we use.
  3. We might ask how we can cater our words to those in our life, our  target field. We might also ask who we can concentrate on in our target line – those who need a shot of confidence. 

Beware of the silent, most damaging attacks. Words behind backs. Words armed with force. Negative force.

Who needs protection? Who needs their honour defended?

Keep your eyes wide open on this battlefield. Be ready to bring a positive force, truthful weapons, before the enemy.

Words have power. You have power. Power is ability. Capacity. Power gives you a choice. You have the ability to be an influencer. To inspire. To use your instrument, your weapon, your words, as a tool that can harmonise a culture of love, hope, faith, truth, and passion in your world.

Ask yourself today: 

Are your words building compliment city or criticism capital?

Respond from the Heart