Childlike Curiosity {Children of Cambodia}

Oh, to be a child.

Ask the constant ‘What If?
Press buttons until they shift,
Play until the mud coats thick,
Stop to admire the crevices in bricks.

Oh, to be carefree.

Dare to dream,
Wonder what could be.

See with childlike curiosity.

Today is the adventure you choose,
The route is round, but the truth is too.

The cycle turns to an unfamiliar tune,
Enter the noise and you’ll find yourself confused.

The sphere of the spiritual, the rounding core,
Find faith, pursue Christ – like a child, why not explore?


From the bow to the clap,
Sowing until the harvest’s wrapped.

From the servant to the platter,
Life at a distance but still stirring chatter.

On the ground to search past pointed toes,
Uncover the truth, the result of failure and foes.

Oh, the search.
Find the inner child,
Watch your heart lurch.

To really see,
To find real glee,
Look up.

From below,
Child eyes.

There’s no down,
only dirty hands.

Enter each day with a strong desire to play. Encounter puddles and stop to watch how one action creates a ripple effect. Embrace the childhood dream, follow the innocence and inquisitive stream.

Flow from faith to fun,
Run all day in the sun.

The light will find you,
The child is the avenue.

Is their mind blind?
No, their thoughts are just wild.

Will we let our hearts beat like a child?
The thumping, bumping creative energy.

Go on. Let go. Release.Be free.


Dig into the child’s curiosity. Uncap the lid of that bottled energy. Bubble and bounce. Break any adult-rigid stance.

Childish Chuckles and Cuddles, Xx

Respond from the Heart