A World Of Beauty

We live in a world of beauty – an array of cultures, cuisines, creatures, climates, and characters.

There are an  Abundance of Lovely sights to see…

Yet travelling is not an option 99% of the time.

 So how can you appreciate the world we have been so blessed to receive?

What if you are stuck in what seems to be a small, insignificant corner of the world?

My advice, quite simply, is to notice things.

Discover the beauty of what is right in front of you – the unnoticed treasures.

You will find that if you can appreciate what you have seen, that you will begin to develop an ‘eye’ for the sights that are reserved for those who seek them.

Notice Things Collage

In other words –

…walk outside and immerse yourself in the rain that cascades down the isolated green gully in your backyard

…look up each night to admire the heavens as the galaxies orbit and the stars shoot a brilliant furnace of light your way

…rise early to witness the skies come alive with pops of colour and streaks of glorious sunshine

…allow your soles to melt beneath the yellow grains of summer as the ocean tides gently whisper of the abundance of peace and beauty life has to offer

If you are then ready to discover the treasures of the world abroad, why not take a peek at my travel features. I can not guarantee that you will be able to see all of the world in your time here on earth (I know I certainly won’t!). Yet I hope I can transport you to the places I have seen – if only for a moment in time – by stimulating your senses and allowing you to notice and appreciate sights that might otherwise be beyond your reach.

For the time being, watch this space (my travel features are yet to be published).

Respond from the Heart