Escape with the Busy Bumble Bees into the Trees…

Monochrome Bee

Imagine, if you will, the life of a bumble bee.

Whether a he or a she, a bumble bee is known for bumbling about.

Bees appreciates the creation we are so blessed to receive – bumping into the breeze, trees, and delicacies of the natural world.

Bees stop to smell the roses, they take care to scatter a pleasant aroma wherever they go, and they produce the sweet and soothing natural sugar we know as honey.

Meanwhile, the bumble bee is also renown for being busy.

Each bumble bee buzzes along without hesitation.


Flower Bee

We might think ourselves superior to the bumble bee, because our lives are bigger and better…. aren’t they?

We might like to think so, but maybe the bumble bee teaches us something about life.

For instance:
When you bumble around, day by day, what do you see, smell, hear, do and say?

Do you see the beauty in creation…
Do you smell the aroma of the people that spread the perfume of their personality around you…
Do you hear the sounds of those who need more or less buzzing in their lives…
Do you make the effort to produce things that are pleasant and healing…
Do you sing a song of praise in the midst of your busy life…

You see, the life of a bumble bee is quite desirable! You may be busy, you may bumble about to places beyond your comfort zone… But your life will be transformed if you escape into the trees and follow the busy bumble bee!

Will you be a“busy bumble bee” with me?

Busy Bumble Bees

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