Make Today Meaningful

Do you ever feel like life is meaningless? 

Each day you go through the motions. The same breakfast, the same alarm clock, the same train/bus/car/walk to the same place. You see the same people. Do you ever consider how the same routine can make us lazy? Unless we shake up our lifestyle, we get into the habit of switching off our minds because we know we’ve done it before. We do it in auto-pilot. We lose the meaning.The same actually goes for a life full of too much diversity. If we try to spread ourselves too thin and be too flexible, we can never fully invest ourselves in each experience. We get lost in the activities and the pace of all the different sights and motions that we lose perspective of the real point of it all.

So where is the in-between, the place of balance?

How can we combat this meaningless? How can we go about every day with purpose?

Meaningful Life | Abundance of Lovely

There isn’t one groundbreaking solution for you. But why not make the conscious decision to achieve mini acts of purpose in your day. Why not make personal goals which make your life meaningful, and not only meaningful for you, but meaningful for others.Below is something is a list of things that give joy and fill you with purpose and meaning – things which are achievable each day.

You might want to try starting your day by reading these acts of purpose, and then endeavour to THINK, SEE, DO. You might even want to come up with some of your own little sentence motivators that you can write in your phone, paste on your wall, or memorise so that each day you begin with the intention of making the most of each day and each moment that you are blessed to live.

10 Acts Of Purpose | Abundance of LovelyPrintable version: 10 ACTS OF PURPOSE

Make Today Meaningful | Abundance of LovelyFaith Foundation:

In Proverbs Solomon ponders the meaning of life. When we place our meaning in the things that are under the sun, the things of the world, the desire of our flesh… we can lose sight of life’s meaning. It is only when we make the conscious effort to place our meaning in the things that are above the sun, the things of God, the truth of the Word… that we find the true meaning of life. We can turn to God for wisdom and understanding in this life. He willhelp guide us and strengthen us, so that we might find meaning and be able to make each day meaningful.

 Proverbs 4:21-22 (NCV): "Don't ever forget my words; keep them always in mind. 
They are the key to life for those who find them; they bring health to the whole body"
Proverbs 20:5 (NCV): "People's thoughts can be like a deep well, but someone with understanding can find wisdom there."

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  1. Thank you Jessie. I love reading your thought provoking articles they help me and I so hope they get to help lots of other people. I suggested to my friend Isabella Evans (who has prayed for you for years even though she has never met you). She has been here in Adelaide for a couple of weeks and has returned to her farm south of Cooma (lots of snow there). She has had a lot of sadness in her life and I am sure your articles will help her. Lots of love Grandma

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