The Sky Fire

The attack comes in the fire

When there is pressure

to perform

to produce

Time to define

Time to refine

Through fiery trials

Remember you are

a l i v e

No guilt

No death

No sting

There will be attack

To your identity

Darts to the heart

But the shield of faith

Guards against the blaze

This world on fire

Fuelling evil desire



The toxic fumes:

~ domestic abuse ~

~ depressing news ~

~ violence and fear ~

~ injustice ~

~ greed ~

~ hypocrisy ~

~ infidelity ~

~ poverty ~



b u t

There are spiritual clues

Arise O Sleeper!

Flee O Sinner!

s e e

There are darts that wound

And words that bruise

b u t

There is One who heals

One who does not conceal

i n s t e a d

He reveals

the truth

the light

the way

How did we get here?

Why is it this way?

War and grief

Murder and idolatry

What of godly grief?

Where in history

Is salvation found

Where in suffering

Is repentance found

Worldly grief produces death

(2 Corinthians 7:9-11)

Godly grief produces repentance

A repentance leading to salvation

Where there is no regret

But a rejoice

A joy in joining with God

In turning from

And turning to

A heart tuned to God’s grace

A heart filled with faith

A mind free from fear

A mind considering Christ

His life

His death








to be captivated by His mercy

to let His love lead

to listen to his heart beat




to have a heart that is cleaned

to let His blood redeem




to accept this offering

to live for His glory








the sky fire is the reality

the burning mystery

of what it means to live for Christ

in the twenty-first century



Doubts and double-ups

Faith and fear

Thoughts confessed

Praying in the test

Surrendering the things

The sin that clings

This life

a  m e s s


But messes are messages, no?

Think of his bloody death

Think of that


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