Made as a Masterpiece

 A masterpiece has many elements. Each element doesn’t necessarily have to be understood in order for the masterpiece to have meaning. Yet we can find meaning through looking deeper, noticing details, and distancing ourselves to appreciate the masterpiece as a whole.

Did you know that you are “made as a masterpiece”? It’s true.

It means :

1. You are MADE // Something made is crafted with purpose

2. You have a MAKER // You were made by a Master craftsman

3. You are a WORK OF ART// Your life is an expression and application of creativity, beauty, emotion, and investment

4. You are a PIECE // You have a place in a bigger picture

You are a fragment in a wider frame.

So; You are a masterpiece
But; You look in the mirror and think “Me? Masterpiece? Pfft.”.

Let’s uproot this lie, this low self-esteem that many of us harbour. We are told in James 1:23-25 that God’s Word is like a mirror, a mirror to the soul. If we look into THIS mirror, then perhaps we might be able to see clearly, to see truth.

We learn in Genesis 1:27:

“He created humanity in His image” (VOICE translation)

You were made in the IMAGE of the Living God. You are an image. A reflection. A piece of beauty. Something seen. Something shown. Something showing. This confirms the truth, the masterpiece you are, as a mark of the Maker here on earth.

You are marked with a love from heaven.

On that note of being a mark, let’s look further at what being “made as a masterpiece” means.

It means:  You are a WORK OF ART//

So; Not only are YOU a masterpiece, but how you LIVE is art.  Your life is a masterpiece.
But; You look at how you live and think “My life is a mess, not a masterpiece. My life is broken, not beautiful.”

Let’s again turn to the Book of Life for wisdom. How can we wake the wonder? Spur our lives to be a sight for others to observe and be inspired and moved by?

Read 2 Corinthians 3:18:

“Now all of us, with our faces unveiled, reflect the glory of the Lord as if we are mirrors; and so we are being transformed, metamorphosed, into His same image from one radiance of glory to another, just as the Spirit of the Lord accomplishes it.” (VOICE translation)

How can we get ready in this mirror, in reflection of this truth?
Each day, each thought, each word, each action you make, think about how:

1. You are reflecting the image, the glory of God

2. You are transforming into more of the likeness of God, this ideal ‘image’, the perfect masterpiece there is (as opposed to the ideals and ‘perfection’ promoted as a superficial, constructed image of society)


We also learn from that passage that we do not have to do anything to beautify ourselves. We are already MADE in His image, He is already beautiful. We merely need to be open to His beauty, His likeness, and enable His spirit to work in us to perfect and complete us until He returns. We are His masterpiece, on display in His gallery, for His purposes, being refined and reframed, prepared for eternal restoration to the kingdom of God. The nails on the wall that hang us in place? Jesus took those punctures for us on the Cross – we have a place secured on the wall of eternity, the hallways of heaven.

My prayer is that you may see yourself how He sees you, Xx

One thought on “Made as a Masterpiece

  1. I am really blessed Jessica Kate , happy to be reminded that I am the image of our living God. No matter what, I am beautifully already.

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