Love Laced in Lyrics

Friends, here is something a little bit different today. 
Some words to ponder, with some deeper wonder. 
These song lyrics are dedicated to my King. 
To His Kingdom. 
To His reign. 
To His ultimate return.

May these words soothe your soul and help you to sort through whatever is on your heart and mind.

May the accompanying photos send your mind to places of beauty. We have a colourful, vibrant, and romantic Father and King! 

Love Awaits

I wait.
In the storm and struggle,
When I’m worn and puzzled.
I wait.
You take my minds complaint.
You sit with me in my pain.
You wait.

This wait.
The worlds bait.
Wait. Bait.
Take this trap from my heart.
Fill this gap.
Give me a fresh start.
Drape me in your love lace.
This wait.

When I wait,
You wait.
Love awaits.
Love is ready to escape.
Beauty-Gold // Abundance of Lovely
I wait for me.
I’m impatient with me.
You wait for me.
You’re patient with me.

Why are you so patient?
Why are you so gracious?
Your Son is enough.
There is no wait.
Your Son is enough.
There is no pain.
Why do I wait?
My human state!
Why do I wait?

I fill myself with shame.
I’m foolish and I play this game.
I fill myself with wait and bait.
I wait, and I fade.
Your names sake, yet here I am behind bars.
The world plays tug-o-war with my heart.
I am foolish, for I’m left with scars.

In this world the bait is life.
In this world the wait is hard.
But in You.
In You.
Love remains.
In You.
I’m saved.
In You.
Scars fade.
In You.
Love awaits.
I wait for me.
My love is latent.
You wait for me.
Your love is patient.
I wait for me.
My love is vacant.
You wait for me.
Yet Your Son was taken.

Your love, Your love is taken.
Your love, Your love was shaken.
Your love.
Now You’re taken with me.
Your love.
Now You’re patient with me.
Your love awaits.
Your love it saves.

This love, Lord, give it to me plain.
When I’m tired and torn.
When I’m weary and worn.
Peel away these scars.
Lace your love in my heart.
Weave your truth through time and space.
Thread Your Lamb through my sin and shame.
Heal these scars.

Latent to Lavish.
Dormant to Daring.

Take my love.
Lace it with yours.
Embrace my flaws.
Take my heart.
Build and restore.
Oh Lord, my Love.
My love, oh Lord.
It’s Yours.Love-Lace


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